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Removal Of Presidential Nominee Could Happen But Would Be "Unprecedented", Expert Says

OGT/Ohio Channel
Paul Beck, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Ohio State University

The parties have picked their official nominees for president, but there are still reports that unhappy Republican leaders want Donald Trump to step down, or that legal troubles could force Hillary Clinton off the ticket.  And one Ohio expert has thought about what could happen at this late date.

There is no clear procedure for removing a presidential candidate, says Ohio State University political science professor Paul Beck. He noted even with the candidates’ issues both Clinton and Trump are polling in the 40% range, so he said removal would be a last resort because it could deeply offend many voters. But he admits it could happen.  “We do need to remember that these are party nominees, and so the party, in a way, can have the last word,” Beck said.

Beck notes in 1972, Democrat George McGovern’s running mate Sen. Tom Eagleton withdrew from the race after the convention, but that the party didn’t oust him.

Beck was a guest on this week's "The State of Ohio", talking about the presidential contest, the latest polls and more. Watch it here.

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