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Preparations For Early Voting Starts As Democrats Appeal "Golden Week" Decision

Karen Kasler

A decision throwing out the week where Ohioans could register to vote and cast ballots at the same time is being appealed by Democrats to the US Supreme Court. But the state is going ahead with its plans to reach out to voters.

More than 7 million absentee ballot applications will go out to registered voters on Friday – part of a 2014 state law that requires the state to send those out in presidential election years if lawmakers set aside the money. And it bans local boards of elections from sending them out. Secretary of State Jon Husted said his office is also planning another outreach. “We are also taking the unprecedented step of sending every eligible but unregistered voter a postcard to ask them to register to vote,” Husted said.

Right now, early voting is set to start October 12, the day after voter registration closes – but if the U.S. Supreme Court restores Golden Week, that start date will move back a week.

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