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Lawmaker Says State's Absentee Ballot Application Mailing Leaving Out Thousands Of Voters

Ohio Secretary of State's Office

A Democratic critic of the Republican Secretary of State says he’s ignoring thousands of Ohio voters by not including them in the batch of 7 million absentee ballot applications he sent out last week.

Rep. Kathleen Clyde of Kent said Secretary of State Jon Husted is not sending applications to a group of registered voters that he’s singled out as “inactive”. “We’re certainly talking tens if not hundreds of thousands of Ohioans who are eligible to vote, they are registered to vote, but they are not getting this mailing," Clyde said.

Clyde said these registered voters could be at risk of being removed from the voting rolls in the future because they won’t get applications. But Husted’s office said those who aren’t getting the applications he’s sending need to update their addresses with their local boards of elections, because those applications are pre-printed with what needs to be the voter’s current address.

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