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Ohio Republican Party Chair Says Trump Comments "Shouldn't Be Defended" But Doesn't Withdraw Support

Karen Kasler
Ohio Republican Party Chair Matt Borges (at podium) kicks off a rally for John Kasich's presidential campaign in October 2015.

The chair of the Ohio Republican Party is sounding off on the tape of lewd comments from his party’s presidential nominee – but he stopped short of pulling his endorsement.

Chairman Matt Borges said nothing Trump said was defensible.  “It shouldn’t be defended. We shouldn’t waste time trying to draw some sort of false equivalency," Borges said. "And he’s going to have to convince a lot of Americans tomorrow night that what he said during his videotaped apology about the fact that this campaign has changed him is true.”

Borges didn’t say he was withdrawing his support for his party’s nominee.Gov. John Kasich and Auditor Dave Yost say they won’t vote for Trump.  Sen. Rob Portman now says he’ll write in Trump’s running mate Mike Pence, a day after saying only that Trump was right to apologize for his offensive comments.

Hear Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges tell Karen Kasler from Ohio Public Radio and Television why he hasn’t made a decision on whether to pull his support of Trump after his “vile comments”, and how “the debate is everything”, and about whether he’ll pull his endorsement if he doesn’t hear what he wants to hear in Sunday’s debate.

Q&A with Ohio Republican Party Chair Matt Borges and Karen Kasler from Ohio Public Radio and Television.

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