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Trump Supporters Disappointed With Ohio GOP

Rachel Niemi
Cindy Novak, a Donald Trump supporter from Thornville, attended the rally for Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence.

Donald Trump’s supporters in Ohio are being forced to take sides after the presidential nominee cut ties with the chair of the Ohio Republican Party. This fracture could have lasting impact after the votes are counted.

The first major Trump campaign event in Ohio following the split with the Ohio GOP came with a sense of awkwardness.

As supporters filed into the Greater Columbus Convention Center to see Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, they admitted that they’re disappointed with state party leaders.

That includes Cindy Novak of Thornville.

“I have to admire the Democrats. They get behind whoever it is, they don’t split. But Republicans go in a circular firing squad and shoot each other we need to stop it we just need to stop it,” said Novak.

Trump supporters added that they’re less likely to vote for more traditional Republican candidates like Gov. John Kasich in the future because of this fracture.

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