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Final Polls Before Election Are Coming Out, But Will They Predict Final Result?

"The State of Ohio", Ohio Public TV/OGT
Kyle Kondik

With less than a week to go before Election Day, several polls show Donald Trump is closing in on Hillary Clinton nationwide and even leading in Ohio. This leaves many to wonder if the FBI’s decision to reopen its investigation into Clinton is playing a role in the race.

Election analyst Kyle Kondik with the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics notes that Clinton's lead has been shrinking. But he said "October surprises" like the FBI Director James Comey announcing another review of Clinton's emails don’t usually decide elections, but he said: “I think that if Clinton were to lose after basically leading the whole race by a little of a lot at various times throughout the General Election I think we’d look back at the Comey letter as being a very historically important development.”

And Kondik said it's been difficult to get accurate polling data because of logistical factors and hard-to-predict turnout numbers.

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