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Cordray Won't Say If He's Running For Governor, Yet

Andy Chow
Richard Cordray appeared at a Labor Day picnic in Cincinnati, fueling speculation that he'll run for governor next year.

There was a lot of hype built around Rich Cordray’s visit to Cincinnati to speak to labor groups. But that hype fizzled when it was clear that the former Ohio Attorney General had no intentions of announcing a run for governor.

Richard Cordray wanted everyone at the AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic to know how important his Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is to the country.  And that’s about all he wanted them to know.

Because of Cordray’s position as CFPB director, he’s barred from making political comments and he’s definitely not allowed to talk about any potential run for office. So when he was asked several questions regarding a possible jump into the Democratic field. He had the same answer: “I can’t really speak to that today so I have nothing to say about that.”

Several factors could be playing into Cordray’s decision. For one thing, he’s fighting President Donald Trump to keep the CFPB going but the first Democratic gubernatorial debate is later this month.

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