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Secretary Of State: Early Voting Up, But Election Day Voter Turnout Low

Karen Kasler

Though there were two statewide issues, several big mayoral and local elections and more than 1500 levies and other issues on ballots across Ohio, Election Night 2017 didn’t bring out voters in big numbers.

More than 385,000 Ohioans voted early – that was a little more than in 2015, when the ballot included a controversial issue to legalize marijuana and set up 10 exclusive growing sites. But Secretary of State Jon Husted said in person turnout was far below what might have been expected. “The top two issues on the ballot – the two statewide issues – just did not seem to motivate voters to get out there and make their voice heard. As you can see from the results, those two were both blowouts.”

County boards of elections with electronic poll books can compile live, real-time turnout numbers throughout election day. And Husted said he’s hoping every board will have those by the statewide election next year. 

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