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Cordray, Who Defended State Against Local Gun Laws As AG, Now Says Cities May Be Able To Pass Some

Karen Kasler
Richard Cordray takes questions from reporters after an event at the Statehouse.

Several cities are considering legislation on guns if state lawmakers don’t pass gun law reforms – though a state law from a decade ago prevents them from passing stricter laws. The Democrat who argued for that law is now running for governor, and is being asked about that.

In 2010, attorney general Richard Cordray’s office argued for the law, which was upheld by the Ohio Supreme Court. Now as a candidate for governor, Cordray seems to imply there is daylight between that law and carefully drawn local ordinances. “I think that communities can pass their laws, and the state legislature will pass its laws. I will be governor – I will work with the legislature and see what laws they pass and don’t pass. And I think, I do believe in home rule. It’s part of our constitution,” Cordray said.

Democratic gubernatorial candidates Dennis Kucinich, Bill O’Neill, Joe Schiavoni and Cordray all appear to support in some form laws to keep guns away from dangerous people. But only Kucinich has said he supports cities that want to ban assault weapons outright.

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