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Renacci Blasts Back At Brown's First Ad With Negative Ad Of His Own

Renacci for Senate/YouTube
Screenshot from Jim Renacci's first ad, responding to Sherrod Brown's earlier ad

The Republican candidate for US Senate is firing back at an ad from the Democratic incumbent with an ad of his own. This campaign was expected to be expensive, and now it’s certain to be nasty as well.

Like his opponent Sen Sherrod Brown’s inaugural ad, Congressman Jim Renacci’s first one is negative too.

Brown’s second ad says Renacci tried to avoid paying taxes in 2012 – which Politifact ruled that year was “true”. Brown’s first ad claiming Renacci was a registered lobbyist while in Congress was rated “mostly false” by Politifact. Brown appears for only a few seconds in his ad. Renacci is on screen the entire time in his, including when he challenges Brown to make his claims in person on camera. Brown said in a statement that he’d welcome a discussion on Renacci’s non-payment of income taxes.

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