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Millions Of Gallons Of Drilling Mud Spills Into Ohio Wetlands

Pan Demin/Shutterstock

Cleanup is under way in Stark County where millions of gallons of drilling material spilled into a wetland during the construction of a natural gas pipeline. 

The pipeline construction crew shot 2 million gallons of drilling mud shot into a wetland.

Ohio Oil and Gas Association’s Shawn Bennett assures that the mud, which is used to borrow a hole for the pipe, does not pose a public health risk.

“It’s a non-toxic component that is used in shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and kitty litter.”

But Melanie Houston with the Ohio Environmental Council says that wetland is supposed to protect a wide array of species.

“The effects that it has is the potential to smother out any aquatic life.”

There’s no word yet on the exact impact on the wetlands or its aquatic life.

The Ohio Environmental Council would like to see an investigation into this spill. 

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