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Farm Group Supports Degree Of Regulations To Protect Lake Erie

Statehouse News Bureau

A large agriculture group is fighting Gov. John Kasich’s proposals meant to clean Lake Erie through farming regulations. Kasich wants to set rules on fertilizer and manure on farmland. But not all farmers are against the proposal.

The Ohio Farmers Union says the state needs to implement sensible, science-based regulations in order to keep chemicals from flowing off  farmland and into the waterways.

Joe Logan is president of the group that represents about 4,000 farm families. 

“I think history has shown us that we can invest tens of millions of dollars in voluntary practices and they are helpful but they don’t get us to the finish line,” says Logan who agrees with Kasich’s goal of reducing phosphorus in Lake Erie by 40%.

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, a much larger organization which additionally represents large-scale farms, has been fighting Kasich’s proposal calling it a government overreach. 

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