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Environmental Group Says Greenhouse Gas Reduction Result Of Obama Policies, Not Trump

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The Trump Administration is touting a new report that shows a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions nationwide. But Ohio environmental advocates say the celebration will be short-lived because of President Donald Trump’s new policies. 

The U.S. EPA says greenhouse gas emissions went down almost 3% last year compared to 2016, and large power plant emissions fell by 4.5%. The Trump Administration says this is due to new technologies in the private sector and backing off of government regulations.

But Frank Szollosi of the National Wildlife Federation says these drops are the direct result of Obama-era policies.

“It’s nice of the Trump Administration to point out that emission reduction can result in robust climate change policy and I would hope that they acknowledge that and give up their efforts to pursue policies that would drive emissions back up,” says Szollosi.

He adds that this should further incentivize Ohio to encourage clean and renewable energy development.

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