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Trump Administration Proposing More Exemptions To Efficient Lightbulb Standards


Environmental advocates are speaking out against several recent proposals from President Donald Trump’s administration that would weaken the country’s energy efficiency policies, which includes allowing more energy-burning lightbulbs to sidestep the standards.

The 2020 light bulb efficiency standard would ban the sale of most halogen and incandescent lightbulbs. But the federal energy department is proposing an exemption for three-way bulbs, candle-shaped bulbs, and reflector bulbs used in recessed lighting.

Noah Horowitz with the Natural Resources Defense Council says the efficiency standards, which began under President George W. Bush, are something to embrace.

“People will save money and we’ll have cleaner air, and we’ll have less pollution, that causes climate change, being emitted. So everybody wins here,” says Horowitz.

Since taking office Trump has made it a priority to cut back on regulations, especially with energy and environmental issues. He says they hurt businesses and therefore, job growth.

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