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Sittenfeld Calls Out Strickland, Portman on Gun Control Stances

A U.S. Senate contender wants to make gun control a top issue in his race against a former governor. 

Cincinnati City Council member P.G. Sittenfeld believes taking a strong stance against background check loopholes and other gun regulations will set him apart from his fellow Democratic opponent Ted Strickland.

Sittenfeld accuses Strickland of being too cozy with the powerful gun lobby since the NRA has consistently given Strickland high grades.

He adds that there’s a violent trend happening in the country.

“Where it becomes a sort of routine, some horrific tragedy every couple of weeks, even more frequently. Then put in some leaders that aren’t going to continue to be puppets of the NRA," Sittenfeld said.

Strickland’s campaign says in a statement that the former governor is all for commonsense background checks -- adding that presumed Republican nominee and current U.S. Senator Rob Portman is not for such regulations.

Andy Chow at the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau.

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