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Inspector General Report Shows Aide To Lt. Gov. Got Paid For Travel To Salons

A former top aide to Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor and another of her employees could face criminal charges because of the findings in an investigation into how they spent time on the job.

Ohio’s Deputy Inspector General, Carl Enslen, says Taylor suspected two of her now former employees were billing for more time than they worked, saying they were working off site.

“Actually finding documentation of activity was not something we were able to find in general. And so saying were they engaged in work is not an easy thing to define. The evidence was, were they in the office and the answer was, no they weren’t often.”

One employee claimed 18 work hours that turned out to be traveling to salon appointments. Enslen says the inspector general also cited a lack of adequate oversight and supervision in the office. Taylor said in a statement she’s disappointed that work time flexibilities were abused, and that she continues to review the IG’s recommendations.

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