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State Lawmakers Honor Brutus Buckeye On Turning 50

Andy Chow

Brutus Buckeye, Ohio State University’s mascot, turned 50 this year. Along with the big birthday celebrations on campus, he also earned an official commendation at the Ohio Statehouse. 


Republicans and Democrats in the Statehouse have no problem shedding their differences when it comes to celebrating Ohio legends, and Brutus Buckeye is no exception.

Lawmakers were all smiles as both the House and Senate introduced resolutions to officially recognize the big nut’s 50th birthday, including Republican Representative and recent OSU grad Niraj Antani.

“For the last 50 years, Brutus has not only been a representative of The Ohio State University but also an ambassador for the entire state of Ohio as they travel to different areas of the country to beat their football teams resoundingly,” said Antani.

Brutus started as a giant head made of papier-mâché. Now every year, six students are chosen to put on the big-faced buckeye head, sweater and red pants.

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