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Planned Parenthood Sues State, Claiming It's Being "Unfairly Targeted"

Planned Parenthood has fired back at Attorney General Mike DeWine, who has charged that the organization’s three Ohio abortion clinics mishandled fetal remains. It's filed a federal lawsuit against the state.

Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit accuses the Ohio Department of Health of unfairly targeting the organization by changing a state rule on fetal tissue disposal without notice. The organization says it learned of a four month investigation by Attorney General Mike DeWine when he told reporters about it Friday. DeWine said that probe revealed vendors working for Planned Parenthood’s three Ohio abortion clinics were disposing of fetal remains in landfills. Planned Parenthood says in its suit it handles fetal tissues like other health care providers handle medical material, and that the AG’s claims are inflammatory, untrue and motivated by politics, not facts. Republican lawmakers plan to introduce legislation on the issue today.

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