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U.S. Senator Rob Portman Says He Approves Of Banning Guns To People On "No-fly" List


President Obama and Ohio’s Democratic Senator, Sherrod Brown, support several bills in Congress that would tighten gun laws. And now Ohio’s Republican Senator, Rob Portman, says there’s one that he could support. 

Portman says there’s one bill among the collection of gun regulation measures that he could get behind - one that would ban legal gun sales to a certain group of people.

“I support not having people on the “no fly list” being able to buy a firearm.”

However, Portman says he would also want to see some safeguards to make sure the people who are on the official “no fly list” are on there for legitimate reasons. Democrats in Congress have pushed several bills in recent months to tighten gun laws in the wake of high profile shootings in California, Oregon and South Carolina.

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