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Simulators Used To Illustrate Dangers Of Texting Behind The Wheel

Andy Chow
Distracted driving simulator placed in the Ohio Statehouse

The state is using an interactive exhibit to show people -- first-hand -- the consequences of distracted driving. 

The sounds of a distracted driving simulation fill the halls of the Ohio Statehouse.

This simulator, which looks like it would fit right in at an arcade, is sponsored in part by the Ohio Department of Transportation. ODOT’s Matt Bruning says there are seven distracted driving simulators that travel all around the state to high schools, fairs and other public events.

“We can quote statistics, we can quote numbers, we can put creative messaging out there, but to actually put them behind the wheel and let them see what happens when they’re distracted is kind of an eye opener for people,” said Bruning.

The display will be in the Statehouse until the end of the month. Last January, the historic building had more than 2,800 visitors.

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