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Ohio Republican Party Leaders Vote To Endorse Gov. Kasich For President

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges speaks to reporters after Kasich endorsement

The Ohio Republican Party’s governing body has voted to endorse Governor John Kasich in his bid for president.

It’s rare for the state party to endorse a presidential candidate at this stage in the election cycle but Party Chairman Matt Borges says there’s good reason to break tradition.

Credit Jo Ingles
Ohio Republican Party leadership meets in Columbus to endorse Governor Kasich in bid for president

“It’s the first time we have had a republican get this far in the process in 70 years. It’s the first time we have a convention coming to Ohio in 80 years.”

The 44 to 9 vote to endorse Kasich is being criticized by some conservatives. Tea Party Activist Tom Zawistowski says Republican party leaders are not representing the majority of its members.

“You’re the Kasich political machine and you are trying to influence the vote for your candidate.”

Zawistowski says more than 80% of those his group has surveyed support someone other than Kasich but Borges notes Kasich won re-election with 64% of the vote.

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