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GOP Chair Calls Out Former State Treasurer

Statehouse News Bureau
Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges

A top Republican leader is calling out a state representative in response to an investigation into a pay-to-play scheme in his former office. 

The SEC fined a financial services company for donating money to former treasurer Kevin Boyce’ campaign in exchange for state contracts. Documents from that filing seemed to place Boyce at the meeting where the plan was hatched.

Ohio Republican Party Chair Matt Borges says Boyce – who’s now a state representative – needs to come clean.

“The issue here is that he was clearly present when this scheme was concocted -- he continues to lie and suggest that he wasn’t there -- somehow or another he needs to take ownership of this,” said Borges.

Boyce has strongly denied being at a meeting and ever asking for campaign money in return for awarding state contracts. He says the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI have concluded their investigation and found nothing on him.

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