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Senate Okays Bill Meant To Save Children And Pets From Deaths Inside Parked Cars

Ohio Legislature
State Senator Jim Hughes (R)

The Ohio Senate passed a bill this week that would grant immunity to anyone who forcibly enters a car to rescue a dog or a child. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles explains.

It’s a hot or cold day. You see an unattended car with a child or pet locked inside. You call the police. But the child or dog is in distress. Do you wait or break the window to provide help?  Republican State Senator Jim Hughes says his bill would allow you to do the latter.

“If you think the child or the animal, the dog or whatever, is in danger, you can break the window to save the life and you will not be held liable for doing that, for the damages caused.”

There are some rules. You have to make a good effort to call police, leave a note for the owner of the car and wait with the child or dog until authorities arrive. And you are only protected for breaking the window, not other damage to the car. The bill now goes on the House where it is also expected to pass.

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