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Group Lobbies Ohio Lawmakers To Pass Protections For Abortion Clinic Patients And Doctors

Karen Kasler
URGE supporters gather at Ohio Statehouse before lobbying lawmakers

A group that supports reproductive and gender equity is taking its message to the Ohio Statehouse.

The group is called URGE. Spokeswoman Allie Fahey says the group wants passage of the bill that would increase penalties for blocking entrances and exits from abortion clinics and targeting doctors who perform the procedures.

“No one should have to hear the hate filled speech, simply for going to see their doctor.” :04

Katie Franklin of Ohio Right to Life says she doesn’t condone violence at clinics but says abortion opponents have rights too.

“I think they are also aware of their first amendment rights to protest and to speak up.” :04

The bill in question had a hearing recently but is not likely to come up for a vote anytime soon.

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