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Governor Hasn't Signed The Defund Planned Parenthood Bill Yet

Jo Ingles
Opponents of Defund Planned Parenthood bill try, unsuccessfully, to get access to Governor Kasich's office Thursday to voice concerns about the bill

One of the most controversial bills passed by the Ohio Legislature recently is still awaiting Gov. John Kasich’s signature.

The bill to defund Planned Parenthood was passed by the Legislature more than a week ago. It strips $1.3 million for cancer screenings, H.I.V. tests and educational programs and sends that money to community health clinics. Opponents say those clinics don’t provide the same services and care as Planned Parenthood.  Ohio Right to Life’s Katie Franklin says her group pushed hard for passage of the bill, and she expects Kasich will sign it soon.

“I’m assuming over the next few days because he has to sign it ten days after the House and Senate has passed it so that ten day deadline is coming up on Saturday.”

The Governor’s spokesman, Joe Andrews, says Kasich has ten days from the time he receives the bill to sign it and notes it was just delivered to the office.  Andrews says there will not be a public bill signing ceremony. 

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