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Kasich Finishes Fifth in South Carolina, But Key Backer Says His Campaign Is Still On

Screenshot, "Face the Nation", CBS
Presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich appeared on CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday, February 21, 2016.

Gov. John Kasich didn’t do well in the South Carolina primary – finishing fifth. But his backers are staying positive about his chances going forward.

Ohio Republican Party chair Matt Borges remains upbeat, saying he’s not convinced that voters are rejecting Kasich as an establishment candidate. And Borges also threw back the idea that Kasich is angling for a vice presidential slot with Marco Rubio, or anyone else. “John Kasich certainly is not, he would not be very happy if anyone were to call him and say, ‘What would you think about just go ahead and taking the number two spot?"

Borges also said the next few weeks of primaries could bring Kasich even with Donald Trump in terms of delegates, and that Kasich has gained donors since New Hampshire, so he has the money to last.

On Sunday, Kasich was on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures". And on "Face the Nation" on CBS, Kasich said he's looking ahead to good outcomes in upcoming primaries in March.

Presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich talked with moderator John Dickerson on CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday, February 21, 2016.

“We've got to do well in -- in Vermont, in Massachusetts. We think we're going to do well in Virginia. We believe that we will over perform in Mississippi. We think we get to the Midwest, whether it's Illinois or whether it's Michigan -- and, remember, John, as I -- I heard Bernie Sanders saying, it's proportional. I don't have to win these places, I just have to hang in there and continue to gain momentum.” Kasich also said he's spent $15 million compared to $50 million spent by other candidates, and that he feels his message is being heard over negative ads against him.

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