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Doctor From Northeast Ohio Among Those Who Say More Study Of Medical Marijuana Is Needed

Jo Ingles
Dr. Robert Hobbs

Hundreds of Ohioans throughout the state have testified for and against medical marijuana at a series of hearings sponsored by the Ohio House.

Many Ohioans testified they want the state to come up with a plan to allow and regulate medical marijuana. But Dr. Robert Hobbs with the Academy of Medicine in Northeast Ohio was one of those who said more study is needed.

“We would oppose it now until there’s evidence that the cannabanoid components or the whole plant is going to be proven to treat specific medical conditions.”

Leaders of the 15 member task force, which includes lawmakers, supporters and opponents of medical marijuana will be talking to Republican House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger in the coming days to figure out what, if anything, should be done with the information that came from the seven hearings.

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