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New Bill Would Give Lawmakers More Control Over Agency Rules and Policies

Jo Ingles
Republican State Representative Mike Duffey

A bipartisan bill being considered by Ohio lawmakers would change the way state agencies can operate when it comes to making policies. It’s a bit technical, but lawmakers say it can be important to Ohio business owners.

State agencies can adopt policies without going through hearings and getting input from the public. Republican State Representative Mike Duffey says there are problems when that happens.

“First of all, an affected business or regulated entity doesn’t have notice that issue exists, they don’t show up at a hearing, they don’t comment on it, the agency doesn’t consider their objections, the rule doesn’t get better for business in Ohio.”

The lawmakers say agencies have created situations where some businesses have not been able to operate in Ohio. The bill being proposed would require state agencies to go before a legislative oversight board to explain their use of informally adopted policies rather than established rules.

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