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Five Public Universities Will Post Their Checkbooks Online

Andy Chow
Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel backed by officials from the five universities joining

Five public universities are opening up their checkbooks for all of Ohio to see. 

Bowling Green State, Central State, Wright State, Miami and Ohio Universities are all joining

This is Treasurer Josh Mandel’s user-friendly website that gives an inside look at government and other public spending.

Mandel has posted expenditures of state government, statewide pension funds and more than 600 local government entities.

And although it’s just five state universities now, Mandel plans to get the other nine.

“I think just based on human nature and based on what we’ve seen in the state of Ohio is that once some entities come online usually the others follow suit,” said Mandel.

The universities will black out certain data, such as students’ personal information.

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