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Ohio Lawmakers Have Been Busy This Week

Statehouse News Bureau
Ohio Statehouse

The Ohio House and Senate have been busy this week. Some of the bills that have passed may have been missed by many onlookers.

In addition to passing a medical marijuana bill, the House also passed a transportation funding bill, a pilot program to teach financial literacy in schools, a measure to keep lead and contaminants out of drinking water, a bill to speed up foreclosure of abandoned properties and a proposal that expands OVI laws to include driving after inhaling substances to get high. Lawmakers in the Senate passed bills to make it harder for courts to extend voting hours and to prohibit local communities from requiring contractors to employ a certain percentage of local workers. And the Senate passed President Keith Faber’s bill that would set up a procedure to allow people who can’t get public records they request a recourse for doing so without having to go through the expense of hiring and attorney and going through a full court process.

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