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Amazon Supports Plan To Broaden Where Wind Farms Can Develop

Andy Chow
John Stephenson, Amazon’s manager for U.S. Public Policy, speaking at a House Public Utilities Committee meeting";

Groups are fighting to loosen the restrictions on where wind turbines can go and they’re adding a heavy-hitter to their roster. 

Amazon is bringing about 2,000 jobs to the state and as one of Ohio’s newest tenants, the online retail giant wants to invest in more locally-generated renewable energy.

Amazon’s John Stephenson went in front of a House committee to support a bill that would open up the boundaries for where wind turbines can be placed. 

Map of area designated as the Ohio Wind Corridor

“The current setbacks have acted as a moratorium of sorts on additional wind development, challenging out abilities to reach our goals,” said Stephenson.

The bill would broaden what’s known as setbacks only in the northwest region of the state, dubbing it the Ohio Wind Corridor, because it’s been determined as the most commercially viable area.  

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