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Will Medical Marijuana Bill Pass? It Depends On Who You Ask

Jo Ingles
State Representative Kirk Schuring

The Ohio legislature’s marijuana bill has a good shot at passing this week - or it might fail, depending on who you talk to.

If you talk to Republican Representative Kirk Schuring, who headed the medical marijuana task force in the House, he will tell you his chamber is good with the changes a senate committee made to the house passed bill.

“Those changes are a reflection of a meeting we had on Friday with the administration and Senator Burke and Senator Coley so it has basically been agreed to. The bill is scheduled to be voted out of committee tomorrow and on the senate floor. And right now, as it stands, we are prepared to concur.”

But Republican Senate President Keith Faber says he's not confident the bill will actually make it through the senate.

““I am not. We will have to talk about that tonight in caucus and see where the Democrats land. I think roughly half my caucus, give or take, are in favor of it. We’ll see where the Democrats are, and I think it’s a mixed bag.”

If the senate passes the bill tomorrow and the house agrees on it, the legislation could be sent to the Governor by the end of this week.

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