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Auditor Warns Of Escalating Cyber Attacks Targeting Local Governments

Andy Chow
Auditor Dave Yost discusses cyber-attacks in the Harding Press Conference Room of the Ohio Statehouse

The state’s auditor is warning local governments about a new scam that seems to be ramping up around Ohio and taking taxpayer money. 

Auditor Dave Yost says local government workers need to verify where emails are coming from before they click on links or open attachments.

He says there’s been an uptick in reports to his office about cyber-attacks like ransomware that can take control of a government’s data in exchange for money and “spearphishing” which has bilked counties and townships out of thousands of dollars.

“We need all of our colleagues who are handling the public’s business to be aware that it’s out there and that you are vulnerable,” said Yost.

He says even trained employees in his own office fell victim to a mock virus that his staff sent out as a test.

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