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Two Kasich Delegates Say They Won't Go To RNC In Cleveland, Where Trump Will Be Nominated

Gov. John Kasich left the Republican presidential race last month, but he still has 161 delegates – including 66 he won by winning the Ohio primary. But now two of those Kasich delegates say the party will have to replace them at the party’s convention in Cleveland next month.

Sen. Shannon Jones (R-Springboro) calls herself a conscientious objector to the nomination of Donald Trump, and says she’s let the Ohio Republican Party know her decision.

“Rather than participate in something that’s a foregone conclusion that is trying to be orchestrated in a way that creates some sense of unity, I’m objecting to the choice that’s in front of us.”

Jones says this is a personal decision, not a crusade, but she says skipping the convention is consistent with the values that she’s trying to instill in her children. Former Rep. Ross McGregor (R-Springfield) has also dropped out as a delegate because he says he’ll be traveling.

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