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Another Labor Fight Ahead At The Ohio Statehouse?

Statehouse News Bureau
State Representative John Becker (Republican)

Once again, a bill that would allow Ohioans to opt out of union representation for public sector jobs has been introduced at the Ohio Statehouse.

Republican Rep. John Becker says unions wouldn’t have to represent government workers under his plan.

“The major provision, of course, is just an opt-out for public sector employees that they don’t have to join a union if they don’t want to and would not have to pay any type of dues.”

But Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper says this is a sneak attack on Ohio’s working families for the upcoming lame duck session after this fall’s election.

“The data is very clear. In states that have enacted laws like this, workers are paid less and employment numbers are actually worse.”

So-called right to work bills have been proposed in the last three sessions of the General Assembly, though Gov. John Kasich has repeatedly claimed it’s not on his agenda. But Becker says his constituents want it and he wants his bill to be available, should his fellow lawmakers change their minds at some point.

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