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Governor Kasich And Hillary Clinton Will Speak At The NAACP National Convention in Cincinnati

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While the Republican National Convention in Cleveland is in the spotlight right now, there’s another convention in Ohio that is also attracting attention from political leaders.

The leader of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, Rep. Alicia Reece, says her group is holding its caucus in Cincinnati today and tomorrow. Then on Sunday, when the Ohio convention ends, the NAACP’s national convention will begin in the Queen City and will host the Democratic party’s presidential candidate on Monday.

“Hillary Clinton will be at the national NAACP convention and will be addressing them.”

Gov. John Kasich will be speaking Sunday. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has declined an invitation to speak. He’ll be at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. One irony here. While Kasich will be speaking at the NAACP convention, he won’t be speaking at the RNC.

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