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New Bill To Encourage Restaurants To Donate Leftover Food To Poor Ohioans

Ohio Legislature website
Rep. Cheryl Grossman

Many restaurants donate leftover prepared food to local organizations that serve hungry Ohioans. But a new bill under consideration is meant to make that practice even more common.

Republican State Representative Cheryl Grossman is one of the sponsors of a bill that would provide ten cents per pound to reumburse restaurants for prepared food donated to groups that feed poor Ohioans.

“The goal is to start encouraging restaurants to think in this direction that are not currently doing that and at 10 cents a pound would basically take care of the packaging and the set up and would be able to have a staff member do that.“

Grossman says the bill, which would provide a half million state dollars per year for the next two years for these packaging costs, doesn’t seem to have any opposition in the legislature.

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