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Gary Johnson Will Be On Ohio Ballot Without Libertarian Label, For Now

Statehouse News Bureau
Libertarian Party of Ohio delivers petitions to put Charlie Earl on the ballot as presidential nominee in hopes of swapping Earl out for Gary Johnson.

The Libertarian Party of Ohio made a dicey move to try to get their presidential nominee, Gary Johnson, onto the ballot. But that move ultimately paid off.

Ohio’s Libertarians always planned on swapping in Gary Johnson for former gubernatorial candidate Charlie Earl, who was listed on the official paperwork. While Secretary of State Jon Husted has OK’d that move, the Libertarian Party label will still not appear because of a 2014 law on minor parties. Spokesperson Aaron Harris says the party label is vital.

“To not allow a party label to come on the ballot you’re basically telling voters you don’t trust them with all the information when they get into the ballot box.”

Harris says the Libertarians are now taking this fight to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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