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Kasich Splits From GOP Nominees For President, Senate To Support Trade Deal At White House

White House You Tube Channel Screen Shot/ Jo Ingles
Governor Kasich speaks to reporters at White House

Gov. John Kasich was talking trade in Washington D.C. earlier today - and he broke from two of his party's nominees with his position.

Kasich, a supporter of the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP, was in the nation’s capital, to support the proposed trade deal.

“You shut down trade, you will get products that cost more and don’t have quality.”

Kasich was invited to the White House to speak out on the TPP, which puts him at odds both with his party's nominee Donald Trump - who Kasich has not endorsed - and with Sen. Rob Portman, who Kasich has campaigned for as he seeks re-election. Kasich said educational opportunities at all levels are the way to keep the nation’s workforce strong. And he said it’s time to quit blaming others for the lack of jobs in this nation.

“Blaming somebody’s loss of a job on somebody from Mexico who came in to take your job – that’s a simple way to scapegoat.”

Kasich’s appearance on Capitol Hill was overshadowed by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s admission that he now believes President Obama was born in the U.S. after many years of questioning his citizenship.

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