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Unemployment Compensation Bill Pulled From House Committee


There’s been a battle to change what employers pay into and what benefits workers get out of  the state’s unemployment compensation fund. Now the bill to deal with that seems to be stalled at the Statehouse. 

Republican leaders in the House and Senate have gone back and forth on the bill. A legislative review of the latest proposal found that it would increase employer taxes by just under 2%, but it would decrease worker benefits by more than 17%.

The bill was expected to get a vote out of committee but at the last minute it was pulled. Here’s Republican Committee Chair Louis Blessing III.

“House Bill 620 has been taken off the agenda today and will not appear for the rest of the week so for those of you who are opponents Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,” said Blessing.

That comment seems to suggest the end for the bill which many leaders wanted to pass before the end of lame duck session. However, the Senate version is still scheduled for a committee hearing.

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