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Trump Ohio Campaign Director Backing Borges' Challenger

Jo Ingles
Bob Paduchik, Donald Trump’s Ohio campaign director ";

Insiders are saying that President-elect Donald Trump wants new leadership at the top of the Ohio Republican Party. Now Trump’s top ally in Ohio is doing what he can to unseat current GOP chair Matt Borges.

The rift between Borges and the Trump campaign was well-known. At times he wavered in his support of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. That includes when a leaked video caught Trump talking about his ability to sexually assault women if he wanted to.

Now Trump’s Ohio campaign director Bob Paduchik is doing what he can to help Stark County GOP vice-chair Jane Timken unseat Borges

“It’s important to have leadership that brings the committee together. That’s able to work with the county chairs,” said Paduchik.

Borges has been state party chair for three years. Less than a month before the election, the Trump campaign broke ties with Borges citing what they believed to be a lack of support.

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