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Eastern Ohio Pegged To Be Most Likely To Lose A Congressional Seat If Population Trends Continue

"The State of Ohio" - Ohio Public Television
Kyle Kondik

Ohio’s population growth isn’t keeping up with some other states. And that could mean a big change after the 2020 census. 

Ohio’s population has been growing, but at a much slower rate than many other states. Kyle Kondik is with the University of Virginia's Center for Politics says if that trajectory continues, it's very possible the state could lose one of its 16 seats in Congress.

“It’s probably going to come from the Eastern part of the state because those are the places that have really stagnant growth or are losing population.”

Kondik says central Ohio and the state’s bigger metro areas are growing so he doesn’t think they’ll lose representation. And he says the districts could be redrawn so that two members of Congress will have to run against each other.


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