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LaRose Gets Called Back To Advance Work For Trump Inauguration

Jo Ingles
Sen. Frank LaRose (R-Copley)

Plenty of major players in Ohio politics are in Washington, DC for Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. But at least one state leader rolled up his sleeves and helped put on the event itself.

Republican Akron area senator Frank LaRose has a reputation nationwide as an advance man. He’s helped carry out campaign events and rallies for several presidential candidates such as John McCain and John Kasich.

For the inauguration, LaRose was asked to make sure everything was in order at the Blair House, where the Trumps stayed before moving into the White House.

LaRose says he’s honored to be working a presidential inauguration.

“Where we can show the world how the United States of America a peaceful transition of power. It’s a hallmark of democracy.”

LaRose said he had a lot of work to do but did end up interacting with the Trump family for a little bit as well.

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