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Kasich Calling For $200M Increase To Education Budget

Andy Chow
Gov. John Kasich talks to students, teachers and administrators about the importance of innovative education.

Gov. John Kasich and lawmakers are about to go full speed ahead into another budget season where state leaders will likely have to find ways to cut back. But Kasich is insisting they increase funding in at least one area.

Kasich says he’s asking lawmakers to approve a 1% budget increase to K-12 education funding. That’s a nearly $200 million increase over the next two years.

Kasich made the announcement while honoring a handful of schools for their innovative approach to teaching kids, such as working with doctors.

“How can we give you the flexibility and to vest some of the ability of these doctors or whoever they are to be able to sign a sheet saying ‘this kid deserves credit.’ That’s a lot more important than taking some crazy test.”

Details of Kasich’s school funding plan have not been released yet.

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