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Kasich's New Two-Year Budget Plan Contains Familiar Themes

Jo Ingles
Kasich speaks to reporters about his budget proposal

Some parts of Governor John Kasich’s proposed two-year budget are not new. He says he realizes lawmakers might, once again, scrap those ideas but he says he will continue to push them.

Just like years past, Kasich’s budget includes broadening sales tax to include things like cable television, cosmetic surgery, lobbying, landscape and interior design. There’s also another attempt to raise the severance tax on gas and oil drilling. Kasich says he knows the legislature might scrap those ideas when it considers his budget but he’s putting them in there anyway.

“Year after year after year. You have to pursue things and make the case and over time, you build support.”

Kasich is also proposing a 65 cent increase in the cigarette tax and raising taxes on other tobacco related products to the same level. In order to decrease income taxes, Kasich proposes raising sales taxes another half a percent.

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