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Statehouse Democrats Propose Sanctuary City Legislation Of Their Own

Jo Ingles
State Representative Dan Ramos

One day after a plan proposed by a Republican to would crack down on sanctuary cities was unveiled, statehouse Democrats came out with a plan of their own. 

Republican Rep. Candice Keller’s bill would hold officials in communities that pass sanctuary city legislation liable for crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. Democratic Rep. Dan Ramos says that’s untenable and ridiculous.

“It’s clearly unenforceable and it’s likely unconstitutional. We in the United State of America don’t arrest people or lock people up for crimes they didn’t commit themselves.”

Ramos says the Democratic plan he and others in his party back would allow sanctuary cities to operate in Ohio without retribution or punishment. Ramos says he knows the chances of his plan passing the Republican dominated legislature are slim, but says the measure needs to be out there to speak for many Ohioans who are opposed to efforts to ban sanctuary cities.

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