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Congressman Won't Attend "Town Hall"; Suggests Constituents Call Him Directly

Andy Chow
U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci (R-Wadsworth) sits in on roundtable discussion with Ohio businesses about tax reform.

Constituents around the country are packing public forums with their members of Congress to air their grievances with the federal government. These town halls have set the stage for disruptive protesting and many Republican leaders in Ohio have opted to ditch an appearance all together. There's one conservative member of Congress who says he’ll take another approach.

Republican U.S. Representative Jim Renacci of northeast Ohio says organizers behind a public meeting scheduled for this week never consulted his office to find out if he was available. And he says he won’t hold or attend any in-person town hall meetings soon.  

Instead, Renacci has a suggestion for people in his district -- call him up.

“There’s not a time where I don’t take a phone call, if somebody wants to talk to me as a constituent I’ll talk to them.”

Renacci says contacting him on social media works too.

Of Ohio’s 12 Republican U.S. House members, most have dodged these town halls. U.S. Representative Jim Jordan of western Ohio has notably addressed these public forums and talked to protestors.

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