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Democrats Skeptical That Republican-Backed Redistricting Plan Will Really Be Bipartisan

The Ohio Legislature

A Democratic state lawmaker is taking issue with a newly introduced bill that would change the process for congressional redistricting. 

Rep. Kathleen Clyde doesn’t like the congressional redistricting bill put forward by Republican Senator Frank LaRose.

“The rules for drawing lines are not tight enough and that will not prevent the gerrymandering.”

LaRose’s bill would require Congressional maps be approved by a majority of state lawmakers from each party or two-thirds of both legislative chambers. But Clyde says the bill would allow the current legislature, which is overwhelmingly Republican, to pass a map without input from Democrats. LaRose says lawmakers need to act on the issue now before a citizens group takes its own Congressional redistricting plan to the statewide ballot. Both Clyde and LaRose are considering running for Secretary of State next year.

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