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Kasich's Office Holding Lottery For Tickets To His State Of The State Speech

Statehouse News Bureau
Gov. John Kasich delivered his first on-the-road State of the State speech in Steubenville in February 2012.

It's not quite Powerball, but Gov. John Kasich’s office is offering up seats to his State of the State speech next months through a lottery.

The governor’s speech is intended for 99 House members and 33 Senators, but the venues he’s chosen hold many more people than that. This time, he’ll speak on April 4 at the Sandusky State Theatre, which has about 1500 seats – and his office is making about 50 tickets available to people who enter for this lottery on his office’s website. Though Kasich has taken his annual address on the road every year since his second State of the State speech, lawmakers seem to be growing concerned about the time away, leading some to speculate he might deliver the speech next year – his final one – back at the Statehouse.

The State of the State speech will air on many of Ohio's public radio and television stations at 7pm on April 4.

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