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Democratic Lawmaker Says Convention Of States Idea Brings Up More Questions Than Answers

Karen Kasler
Rep. David Leland (D-Columbus)

A resolution that would make Ohio the 10th state to demand a convention of states to amend the US Constitution is raising concerns among some state lawmakers.

This is the second time Rep. Christina Hagan (R-Alliance) and Rep. Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland) have proposed a resolution calling for a convention of the states. But Democratic Rep. David Leland of Columbus said there don’t seem to be any certain answers on the rules for a convention, on the delegate selection process and other procedures. “We’re throwing up in the air the most important document the United States has ever had into a process where we have more questions than we have answers. And to me, that’s very, very scary,” Leland said.

Leland said voters have the chance each election to bring in officeholders who can take action on issues a convention could debate, such as a balanced federal budget.  34 states would have to vote for a convention for one to happen.

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